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New Handicapped Walkers

Highest quality handicapped walker from InvaCare.

The dual release handicapped walker.

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New Handicapped Walker

There are two main types of handicapped walkers that provide several options. There are lift walkers or push walkers.

Lift handicapped walkers are usually four points of ground contact with two of the points being rubber tips and the other two wheels, small rolling wheels. The lift handicapped walkers are best for those with good balance and who only need a little assistance in steadying themselves. For those seniors who will be in carpeted areas these are not the best walkers. Electric scooters or wheelchairs work better in these areas. It is more difficult for seniors to lift the handicapped walker over carpeting and the handicapped walker can become caught on carpeting causing the senior to fall. People usually start out with lift handicapped walkers for several reasons. The most common reason is to just test the product and for the senior to adjust to having to use this additional help aid.

Push handicapped walkers (rollators) are good for carpeted areas and the bigger the tires the better the traction. Push handicapped walkers have become so popular that handicapped walkers are now offered with many options. Some handicapped walkers have seats so the senior can take a break from their walking and sit for awhile. However as someone has pointed out handicap walkers are for walking not for sitting but a handicapped walker maybe that intermediate step taken before a wheel chair or scooter is needed. If the senior can be encouraged to move under his own strength the better. While there is a time and place for wheel chairs and scooters, to keep moving as long as you can is best.

The push handicapped walkers also offer more stability than the lift handicapped walkers. The reason for this is the bigger wheels and there is constant contact with the floor as opposed to intermittent contact with the floor when using the lift handicapped walker. Handicapped walkers also easily adjust to different floor surfaces. While the senior may have more contact with linoleum when they do come in contact with carpeting it can be dangerous.

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